martes, 22 de junio de 2010

En ytterst Hefkig sak

... Tell me how it feels to be the one who turns the knife inside on me- She said-

"I smile as the bastard screams... when I twist my sword" - Was my answer.

Now I'm living in a bloodstained ground. With nothing to say, with nothing to do.

'So tell me its a dream' Her memory said.

But, nothing I did. I'm still here, under the moonless sky.

My sky itself has forsaken me; while my desperation grows.

After 4000 rainy nights of troughts and wandering, the choice is done. I'll burn myself to a secret pleace.

Once I did it, I notice; something was changing; the memories are drifting away so silently from light. I'm still burning; I'm the light... I'll turn off my self and wait, I'll become the shadows. Nothing will make me awake, The little dream I'm, The little dreammer I'll be. Even if a wise man come and tell me to follow the stars. Nothing I'll do. My life and death shall colide, while the eternal dreammer's prelude.

Si. Hay partes de canciones... después vengo y le doy formato como se debe. Me fui.

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